New! Online Registration for Flyers Skate Zone Programs!

We are excited to announce that Flyers Skate Zone is now able to offer online registration for many of our popular programs, including:

  • Learn to Skate
  • Future Flyers
  • Lady Flyers
  • Skills Clinics
  • FUNDSkating
  • and More!

Each location will have its own separate registrations, but you will only need one account to register at any of our facilities!

Note:If you have already created an account, make sure that you use the same email address when registering your child!

Here are the steps to create an online account (ages 18 and over):

  1.  Visit any of our location's registration page (see below for links)
  2.  Choose "Create User Account" or "Create Account"
  3. Fill out the required information to set up the account.
  4. Add your family members (including children 18 and under), by clicking on the "Add Family Member' link. Make sure to add any of your current or future skating or hockey stars as family members.
  5. Submit the information to create an account!
  6. Login to the account to sign up for any of our programs!

When you register yourself or your child for a program:

  1. Make sure to add the right participant to the program (whether it be yourself or your child).
  2. Check the waiver checkbox (when required)
  3. Add the program to your shopping cart.
  4. When you are ready to check out, hit the checkout button in your shopping cart to begin payment processing.
  5. Once complete, you are registered!

Check out the Registration Page for the Facility Closest to You by Clicking on the Rink Below!