Bladetech Hockey Blades

Stainless Steel $109.99

Black Armour Coated Steel $149.99

Get customized blades for your skates!

Product Features

  • ​Bladetech Hockey has the first FLEXIBLE steel replacement hockey skate blade with performance & health benefits while using the best quality steel, period!
  • The unique blade design allows the blade to FLEX up into the holder, store vertical energy and release when you extend your stride.
  • This gives you a more powerful stride and makes you about 5% faster!
  • FLEX-FORCE technology absorbs vertical energy, which means the cartilage in your knee wears out less, reducing pain.
  • This technology makes your stride more efficient so you fatigue slower and you can play longer. - Steel comes with a One Year Warranty
  • Free Customization; Engraving or Colors
  • Engraving on stock steel takes about a week, custom colors can take up to 3 weeks.