CCM Ribcor Sticks

Ribcor Trigger 3D stick.jpg

Ribcor Trigger 3D PMT S18 Stick

Sr. $279.99 Intermediate $249.99 Jr. $179.99

Product Information

  • Low kick-point for short loading period and quick shots
  • Pop Matrix technology for faster shot release
  • Re-engineered geometry for maximum energy transfer
  • X-Flow technology for a lighter, more consistent shaft
  • Sigmatex carbon fiber for lightweight durability
  • Ascent Blade 3 technology for enhanced puck feel and improved accuracy

Ribcor Pro 3 Stick.jpg

Ribcor Pro3 PMT S18 Stick

Sr. & Intermediate $149.99 Jr. $129.99

Product Information

  • Enhanced Pop Matrix technology for improved energy transfer and shot release
  • RibCor low kick-point for increased ease and shot quickness
  • C6 carbon fiber for all-around stiffness and improved durability
  • Ascent Blade 2 for optimized puck feel and lighter weight
  • X-Flow shaft technology for better fiber compaction and shaft integrity
  • New INT geometry for better stick control and comfort

Ribcor S18 MAXX Pro 3 Stick.jpg

Ribcor MAXX Pro S18 Stick

Sr. & Intermediate $99.99 Jr. $89.99

Product Information

BASE MODEL: Ribcor 64K 

FLEX PROFILE: Optimized Low-Kick Point - Ideal for a shooter who's looking to get a shot off quickly.

BLADE: Ascent Blade Construction Softened heel provides enhanced puck feel for technical stick handling while the stiff toe continues to deliver deadly accuracy and a quick release.

SHAFT: C6 Weave - Provides great all around stiffness and strength for added durability on the blade.

Weight: 490 grams

KICK POINT: OPTIMIZED RIBCOR LOW KICK Allows players to store maximum energy

Ribcor 63K Stick.jpg

Ribcor 63K S18 Stick

Sr. & Intermediate $59.99 Jr. $54.99

Product Information

Heritage: RibCor 62K / 45K / 44K / 26K / 23K

Level of Player Guideline: Recreational

Construction: Fused one-piece

Shaft Dimensions: Rounded Corners / Straight Sidewalls

Flex Point: Low-kick

Weight: 540 grams