3v3 Full Ice Ironman Challenge

Saturday, August 1

Virtua Center Flyers Skate Zone at Voorhees

Check-In Times: 8U/10U- 7:00 a.m. 12U/14U- 9:30 a.m.


Challenge Information:

  • 10 minute running time
  • Round Robin Format with Championship and Consolation
  • Bring a white and black jersey with you

3v3 Benefits:

  •  Improves puck handling
  • Improves read and reaction time along with awareness
  • Promotes passing
  • High Intensity - games with many scoring chances (great for goalies and shooters)
  • LOTS OF FUN!!!!!

Challenge Rules:

  • NO FIGHTING – Automatic Player(s) Ejection
  • Minor Penalties (such as tripping, hooking, etc.) will result in penalty shot

Our updated Facility Policy and Procedures can be found here

Check out the brochure for more information or register online! 

Players will be placed on a team and no less than 5 players per team. 
If a team wishes to enter, each player must register and have their coach email Jeremy Hall with the roster for the team.