Lady Flyers

In an effort to grow the sports of Women's Ice Hockey in the Philadelphia region, Flyers Skate Zone has created a program specifically for girls to play hockey as part of a team!

Our program is designed for the recreational and competitive hockey player, and is focused on quality instruction. Our goal is to provide both, the beginner and the experience player an opportunity to learn the game of hockey in a fun and developmental environment.

Session #5 Now Enrolling

Wednesdays - May 19- June 23,2021 at 7:15pm

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Player Placement

A hot topic for hockey directors, administrators, coaches, parents, and players is the placement of female players. Should girls play girls hockey or boys hockey and if they play on a boys team at what age should they transition to an all-girls team? There are a lot of options to consider when making this decision. The answer is not black and white and it is different for every player.

To learn more about what is best for your daughter, click here for more infomration:  Play_Girls_Hockey_FINAL.pdf