Promoting Health Through Hockey

Flyers Skate Zone is proud and excited to share the game of hockey and the fitness benefits it provides throughout the local community. We have created the Promoting Health Through Hockey program to help spread this message to elementary and middle school children throughout the region.

This program utilizes specific activities to showcase the different aspects of hockey, helping kids to learn about the benefits of staying fit, healthy and active, all while having fun!

Let Flyers Skate Zone’s expert coaches take over your gym class or recess! Flyers Skate Zone will provide the equipment and the instructors to create this fun and active opportunity at your school.

"They were so excited about hockey after you left. They kept asking me, "When are we going to do hockey in phys ed class?!!!" The program was perfect. I would not change a thing about it "

- Steve New, Mary Shoemaker School

For more information about this program, contact Jeremy Hall at 856-309-4400 ext. 216 or [email protected]